Here we are again friends…Christmas time is here. Have you started your shopping? Are you in the thick of the hustle and bustle? Does your home smell of evergreen and all things Christmas?

I am beyond excited and overjoyed to have received the best Christmas gift I have been wanting all year long…my sister and her family are moving back home!! If you follow the blog, you know that my brother-in-law took a job transfer earlier in the year out to Arizona and we have missed them dearly. We are such a tight-knit family and even had all three of us (my brother, sister and I) living on the same street prior to them leaving. Our kids are the best of friends/cousins, so when we got the news, they’re moving back, we were all ecstatic!! It truly is the best gift!! Now if we could just find a house on our street for them again….. 🙂

Now that our family is coming back home and we are anticipating our cousins coming from Georgia for the holidays, we are definitely in the Christmas spirit! Which makes decorating for the holidays a lot easier too. 🙂

I stepped a little outside the box this year and some would say a little overboard with my Christmas trees…


Who says you can only have one tree in each room? Why not three??! Yep they’re I am having to water three trees. It hasn’t been too bad though. And the smell of fresh trees…LOVE!!

Here is the Pin from Midwest Living that inspired me to do something a little different this year and try out 3 trees instead of one…


I love this time of year and transforming my house into all things Christmas…


Picked up this metal basket from my happy place–Target…


And please welcome our newest addition, Harley…


Isn’t she just the cutest!! She’s a yes, you’ve counted correctly, we now have 3 doodles. Three trees, three doodles…I guess there’s a pattern there. 🙂 She really is the sweetest little puppy though. We are loving her. 🙂

One more quick thing before I pop out of your inbox…I would like to congratulate Nikki Burns! She was the winner of the $25 Saving Grace gift card. Happy shopping Nikki!! And thank you again to Pam Kessie, Owner of Saving Grace, for your generous donation.

I’m going to sign off here for 2016. But I wanted to let you all know, I have a lot of great things planned for 2017…giveaways throughout the year, a couple of challenges with prizes for the winners–which I’m super excited about, a monthly newsletter for my subscribers (launching at the end of January), and of course epic blog posts about home decor, building projects, painting techniques, room makeovers and much more.

And last but certainly not least, I look forward to sharing more of our story in 2017. Home decor and building projects is the core of this blog, but My Story and where God has taken my family and me is the foundation. Can’t wait to meet up with you again in 2017.

Until then, have a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year!!


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