Continuing my series on Lauryn’s room makeover…I wanted to pop in here and share with you guys one of my favorite new elements to Lauryn’s room. Chalkboard closet doors!! This new feature to her room has been such a fun addition. I love to see her creativity come out and the messages her friends share about her on her gigantic chalkboard space…

creativity comes to life with chalkboard closet doors

My plan was to just paint Lauryn’s closet doors to match her trim. But when Lauryn suggested we make them chalkboard paint doors, I loved the idea. However, the 6-panel doors she currently had were not going to work well with this idea. I knew we would need to change out these doors…

creativity comes to life with chalkboard closet doors


My two options were: a 5-panel door that we would then paint each panel with chalkboard paint. OR a flat door with no panels. I chose the latter. Primarily, because 5-panels (although I LOVE them!) are a lot more expensive than no panel doors. AND I knew that if I didn’t love the no-panel doors, I could always add my own trim and make them 5-panel.

So upon my return from my home away from home (a.k.a. Home Depot), I hoisted the doors onto my sawhorses and started painting…

creativity comes to life with chalkboard closet doors

I went back and forth on whether to use true chalkboard paint or chalk paint. There is a difference. I knew the chalkboard paint would be easier to erase, BUT I just couldn’t resist the quality and the look of Junk Gypsy Chalk Paint (Rebel Child). If you follow the blog, you know my love for this stuff…

creativity comes to life with chalkboard closet doors

By choosing this option, I am aware that I will probably need to re-paint these doors a little more often. Primarily to get rid of chalk eraser marks. But I’m ok with that. And actually a wet washcloth has been doing the trick. So we’ll see how that continues to hold up.

I watered down my chalk paint for the first two coats, then I hung the doors and added a non-watered down final coat. I highly recommend adding that final coat AFTER hanging the doors. The reason for this is because they get scuffed up very easily. When they’re hanging, scuffing isn’t a problem. It’s when you’re moving them from one place to another. Primarily, because there is no protectant (polyurethane) on them. Obviously, adding poly would completely defeat the chalkboard concept. So the doors do need to stay “raw”…

creativity comes to life with chalkboard closet doors

Next came the fun part of picking out door knobs. Because these doors simply pull to open, I was able to be very creative with the look of my door knobs. I perused the aisles of Hobby Lobby and came up with nothing….surprisingly. Then I found these gems at the Country Living Fair….

creativity comes to life with chalkboard closet doors

Not sure why this picture has them crooked. They are not crooked now. 🙂 They were perfect with the color scheme of Lauryn’s room.

It’s so much fun to see the quotes and Bible verses Lauryn and her friends have written all over these doors…

creativity comes to life with chalkboard closet doors

I’m so glad we went this route with these doors. They make such a statement in Lauryn’s room. I absolutely love them!!!

creativity comes to life with chalkboard closet doors

Such an easy, inexpensive way to add creativity to any room. No need for decor in that space. Your kiddos artwork becomes the decor. 🙂 How fun is that!?!

Until next time,

Happy Building!!

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