Disappointment is rooted in hope. They go hand-in-hand. You can’t have disappointment without hoping for something to change. Hope is what keeps us going. I can’t imagine going through a tragedy without the hope of the Lord. The hope of knowing that EVEN IF, Corey is never healed 100% here on earth, God is still God and He is still in control and my hope and my peace and my joy is in Him. When I put it in earthly things, I am disappointed and without hope.

Nobody wants to be in the valley and when we’re in it, we want more than anything to come out of it. But I heard about a survey recently taken…Asking people, if you could go back in time to any year in history, when would you choose? The overwhelming response were years of heartache and turmoil and tragedy (the depression years, past wars, etc.). Very few people chose the easy times. Why? Because we become who we are through the hard times. It builds our character, our relationship with others, our faith.

As awful as it was to walk through the tragedy of Corey’s accident, I never would have had the opportunity to experience the closeness with God that I felt. It was remarkable. Unexplainable. A relationship that most people never get to encounter with God. I am grateful.

July 27, 2011:

I believe through all of this, God is giving you tremendous peace. I was talking to your therapists and nurses today and they said, you may actually skip the agitation stage of a brain injury. I was told this is very rare and it’s actually more common for patients to be agitated and get stuck in that agitation stage…taking a long time to get out of it. I was so encouraged by this.

There is no other explanation, but God!! Who wouldn’t be completely frustrated and afraid…hearing words they don’t necessarily understand and being in a place they don’t know. I can’t even imagine. My heart breaks for you. But Corey, you are SO pleasant. You always have a smile. And the nurses are constantly telling me how much they adore you. I truly believe it’s God’s peace.

Every night, before leaving your bedside, I pray over you and pray that God will fill you with His peace, that He will give you dreams about your family, heal you 100%, knit you back together perfectly–like only He can.

But as enjoyable to be around and peace-filled as you are, you also have a very stubborn side. Which is awesome–because you are determined to get better. But it can also put you in some dangerous situations. Tonight your nurse suggested we change you to a different bed. Apparently, last night one of the nurses found you sitting at the end of the bed. NOT GOOD! You are a very high fall risk. So that really scared me.

I am not loving the new bed she has chosen for you. It looks like it’s straight out of an insane asylum. :/ But I did approve it, for your safety. You will basically have a tent over you (netting) that zips from the outside. No more escaping. Much safer.

Oh and they had to put mitts on you too…so you don’t pick at your stitches on your head anymore. Which could cause an infection that would go straight to your brain. Probably not a good thing. 🙁 Basically you’re a trouble-maker and a mess, but I still love you. 🙂

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