Who else is ready for Fall?! Pumpkins! Crisp air! Bonfires! Sweaters and jeans! I. Can’t. Wait. Every year at this time, I get super-excited about the upcoming Country Living Fair, in Columbus, Ohio. This year the fair is the weekend of September 15-17th. If you have never been, you need to go!! So many cool things to see….and buy! 🙂 Last year I got all of my fall decor at the fair. They were very reasonably priced and the selection was excellent.

Who else is ready for Fall?

I know many of you are thinking, we just got out of August. It’s only the first week of September. But, like Christmas, it will be here before we know it. So, to give us a little inspiration and motivation, I thought it would be fun to share some of my pictures from last year’s fall decor.

Here are some of the Fall essentials I started with:

Who Else Is Ready For Fall

I’m a huge fan of the more non-traditional pumpkins; specifically white and green ones. I love the more natural look they bring in.

Kitchen/nook area….

Who Else Is Ready For Fall?

I picked up the fresh greenery from Johnny Appleseed; a local fair we have here.  I tried using some fake stuff from Hobby Lobby, but then I found this–so much better. It smells so good too! Bonus! Of course the mess it makes…not so much a bonus. 🙁

Pumpkin arrangement behind my kitchen sink…

Who Else Is Ready For Fall

Again, I love the aroma of freshness the greenery puts off.


Who Else Is Ready For Fall?

My favorite pumpkin spot…

Who Else Is Ready For Fall?

Want the look of that “VINTAGE” sign? Check out my tutorial on how to make it, HERE.

Moving outside. These mums!!!!

Who Else Is Ready For Fall?

Yep, picked up that cool container at the Country Living Fair too.

Who Else Is Ready For Fall?

And this mum!!

Who Else Is Ready For Fall?

Did I mention, I love white pumpkins…

Who Else Is Ready For Fall?

Ahhhhhh! It’s almost here!!!

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