We weren’t done yet…Two years after Lauryn was born, God blessed us w/ a beautiful dark-haired, dark-complected, dark-eyed baby boy…Ty James. 

Once again my doctor wanted to make sure all was well at the start of my pregnancy. This time the tests revealed that Ty traveled through my right fallopian tube. God completely healed me and revealed it to us by sending Lauryn through the left and Ty thought the right tube. 

Amazing! We were in awe! We serve a God of miracles. I love when we get to see His hand in our life. He’s always there. Sometimes He seems so silent. But other times He speaks with a loud voice! Love it!! 

Grayson Charles was our exclamation point!! He was our little surprise we weren’t expecting; born two years after Ty.

God’s message of: “I’m not done yet!” Praise God! I can’t imagine our life without him. And NOW our family is complete…we hope. 🙂

These miracles were exactly what we would need in the unforeseen year to come. When our entire world would be turned upside-down. These miracles would be present reminders that God is faithful no matter how bleak our circumstances may appear…

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