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My Favorite People….(and a couple four-legged friends):

Corey (my handsome Mr.): A great dad who plays the role of Mr. Mom very well. Helps me out quite a bit. He loves his family very much. Coming up on our 20 year wedding anniversary…We have weathered through alot together and God has blessed us with 5 beautiful, healthy, Jesus-loving kids….

2014-15 014

“Austonian”:19…Freshman at North Central University in Minneapolis…studying Entrepreneurship…this kid is a great son! He has been my rock since that life-changing day…Love him!! He loves to play basketball and has recently taken an interest in lacrosse…He’s all about fashion–always sharply dressed.


“Chaser”:17…Junior in high school…loves to play basketball…huge Ohio State University fan!! Go Bucks!!…Our adventure child–not afraid to try new tricks on his wakeboard and snowboard…Great mind for putting things together…Has a big heart and a lot of compassion for others…Always up for a debate about any and everything.

2014-15 2953

“Ladybug”:11…6th grade…Our “little” diva–in the middle of all boys, she is all girl!…Loves fashion, tumbling, cheer, and recently volleyball…Little miss social:) …My sidekick when vintage shopping and checking out home tours; she loves it!! Definitely her mother’s child…Good writer and loves to read.

2014-15 2691


“T”:9…4th grade…Our tall, dark, handsome little man (blessed with his dad’s darker skin)…Loves golf, basketball, and recently lacrosse…very interested in learning about the weather–can usually rattle off the forecast to you…wants to be a meteorologist when he grows up…Very often can be found in the toy room, constructing something out of Legos or watching the Weather Channel…loves to read biographies.

2014-15 2942

“Sweet little man”:7…2nd grade…Our little surfer dude–longer blonde hair and very tan in the summer…Loves to swim…BIG heart!! Loves to cuddle with his mama!! …Knows all there is to know about sharks. Even has a soft heart towards them–if you tell them they’re not very nice, he gets very defensive…Bet you can guess what he wants to be when he grows up…Yep, a marine biologist.  ๐Ÿ™‚

2014-15 2937

Hampton & Teddy: Our furry family members…Goldendoodles…Love to make messes–hence the picture below; those were the kids school supplies I had just bought that same day. ๐Ÿ™  ….Hampton is the dominant one. He makes sure he eats first every morning and won’t touch his food until Teddy is laying there watching him. And then finally, when Hampton decides it’s Teddy’s turn, Teddy gets to eat…They are like brothers–quite humorous to watch.2014-15 2899


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