Do you have some old barn wood lying around that you don’t know what to do with? Or do you love the look of old barn wood, but are kind of at a loss as to what to do with it, once you get it? One of my favorite projects I’ve ever done, involves old barn wood that I acquired from a friend who lives on a farm. She had an entire loft full of old, old wood. My vision…a vintage sign.

I fell in love with a metal vintage sign at a local antique store and tried to think of a way I could duplicate it using wood.

How to make a Vintage Sign using old barn wood:

Old barn wood can be very dirty and sometimes even have little bugs living in them. So, the first step is always to clean your wood very well. I scrubbed mine down with an iron brush and hot soapy water. This was sufficient enough…thankfully, no little critters were living inside them. 🙂

Next, I attached all of my boards together…

2014-15 2901

Aren’t they beautiful? I love the look of old barn wood.

My next step was laying out my letters. I purchased these cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby. I bought two of each letter to stack on top of one another and add some dimension to my sign…

old barn wood

After deciding on the look I wanted, I painted each letter. The bottom letter, I only had to paint the sides. The top letters-obviously the sides and the top. Then I placed them on 2×4’s to dry…

old barn wood

I wanted a rust color for my letters so I went with Junk Gypsy’s Dirtroad Dreamer. Love this chalk paint. They have beautiful colors and it’s so nice to work with…

old barn wood

Another option: instead of painting the letters, spray paint would be super-easy. If you were wanting more of an industrial look, metallic spray paint would be awesome and would totally change the look of this sign. Have fun with it and figure out what look you are going for.

Finally, after allowing my paint to dry, I stacked my letters together and used tiny nails to attach them to the wood.

And that’s it!! This project is so easy, so much fun, and so low-cost! If I were to buy this sign at a home decor shop, it would be well over $100. All said and done, I spent less than $30. And bonus…I get more compliments on this piece, than probably any other decor in my house.

I knew exactly where this sign was going..Above the board & batten in my dining room.

Here’s a look at it today…

old barn wood

And one more shot zoomed out…

old barn wood

If you don’t have access to old barn wood, don’t let that discourage you. This sign would look beautiful on pine wood. And you could be creative with a color for the background. Or distress it.

Another idea would be to use cedar fencing. It has that imperfect look. Just cut it to the size you want and dry brush or stain it to get the look you want. Lots of ways you could tackle this project.

So grab your materials and lets get started.

Until next time,

Happy Building!!

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