Caulking is not rocket science. However, I wish I would have looked a little deeper into it before tackling my first building project a few years ago. My thought was, how hard can this be? Well, not hard, but you CAN avoid the mistake I did. After applying the caulk, I was unaware that you need to then smooth it out. Resulting in this look on my wooden stairs…

How to tackle caulking like a pro

Not pretty. 🙁

The primary purpose for caulk is to keep water and moisture out of cracks and seams. But it is also used for aesthetic purposes. I recently updated my corner cabinet and used a lot of caulk to finish this project…

Update your built-in cabinets with little time and money

Here are some key supplies needed when caulking:

How to tackle caulking like a pro

  • A quality gun with a hook (allows you to hang it from tool belt or ladder) and SMOOTH trigger-NOT a ratcheting trigger
  • Quality caulk
  • A gun stopper
  • Bowl of water
  • Wet cloth

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Caulk:

  • Start with a clean surface. Rid the area of all dust, old paint, etc.
  • Cut the tube at an angle; small opening is better.
  • To apply: pull the trigger gently, while sliding the gun towards you, along the gap you’re filling. Keep the tip moving along the surface and the trigger gently pulled…

How to tackle caulking like a pro

  • After you have applied a fresh bead of caulk, wet your finger and starting in the corner, run your finger along the edge–smoothing out the caulk…

How to tackle caulking like a pro

  • Clean off your hands with the damp rag before applying the next bead.
  • When finished, cap off your left over caulk tube with a caulk tube cap…

How to tackle caulking like a pro

Pretty simple. 🙂

Until next time,

Happy building (and caulking)!!

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