How do you add pizazz to a boring room with all white walls and no creativity? A wall treatment is a super-easy way to add character to any room. Last week I completed a shiplap wall in the continued saga of my brother’s office remodel. But wall treatments are not just limited to shiplap. There are many more to choose from. With my brother’s style being modern-industrial, this wall treatment fits well in the theme of his office space….

Wall Treatments

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This smaller wall was perfect for this simple wall treatment….

wall treatment

Painting Technique for Wall Treatment:

The distressed painting technique I used on my seven, 2X12 pine boards, was very easy. I started out with General Finishes Gray Gel Stain as my base coat….

wall treatment

I let this dry overnight and then brushed on Repurpose Chroma Color Paint (Color: Stone Age)….

wall treatment

Adding yet a 3rd color into the mix, I painted on Repurpose Chroma Color Paint (Color: Iron Kettle Black)….

wall treatment

Why did I use three different colors?

My goal was to pull out each of these colors through sanding. So, in my last step I used my Ridgid Electric Sander and with some method to the madness, I sanded each board.

wall treatment

Some areas I didn’t sand at all keeping the black top coat. Other areas I sanded lightly, trying to pull out that brown Stone Age color. It was a little tougher to get the gray gel stain to pull through, without going down to the natural wood color. But I actually like the look of the bare wood coming through too….

wall treatment

Finally, I was ready to load them up and head to the office…

wall treatment

And that’s when it happened….

wall treatment

While carrying a can of paint from one room to another, it slipped out of my hand. It felt like it was happening in slow-motion. But not slow enough for me to grab it, before it hit the floor just right, causing the lid to pop off. Almost the entire quart of Iron Kettle Black Paint ended up on the floor!

wall treatment

Oh my! What a day!! Be sure to check out next week’s blog post to see what that spot looks like now AND I’ll also reveal the final look of these boards on the wall.

Until then,

Happy Building (and Clean Painting 🙂 )!!

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